How does Healthcare Market Resources decide which statistics to provide in its reports?

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Originally published in Market Research Letter: January/February 2013

Q: How does Healthcare Market Resources decide which statistics to provide in its reports?

A: At Healthcare Market Resources, we speak with our clients and prospects on a daily basis. These discussions revolve around the questions they are trying to answer in order to move their businesses forward. Based on the informational needs described, we examine our reports with an eye to modifying or adding metrics. Plus, whenever Medicare changes its billing requirements, we look at the new information provided and determine how best to incorporate it into our reports.

The following are a few recent examples to show how this system works:

  • Two years ago, Medicare changed the level of detail it releases in its claims file. Because of that change, we can now follow patients over time from one site of care to another. The first product of that change has been our market share by provider reports for home health, hospice, and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). This is a powerful new capability, and you can expect many new Healthcare Market Resources’ reports that harness its power. New reports we have planned for the future, for example, will demonstrate the value of home health and hospice as cost-containment vehicles.
    As the post-acute world begins to integrate, this information could not come at a more opportune time. Open your minds and imagine how a better understanding of the way home care fits into the healthcare delivery system could be a useful tool in growing your business. Click here to share your thoughts with us on this topic.
  • After hospices were required to detail visits on their bills, Healthcare Market Resources added a visit activity report to our Hospice Market Profile report set. We also added a site of care section to our Hospice Level/Site of Care report when these reporting elements were added to the claims database. In addition, we’ll enhance our current reports, or create entirely new reports, as a result of the recent new Medicare billing requirements for home health site of care, as well as proposed changes in hospice visit, equipment, and supplies billing requirements.
  • A client questioned the way that we calculated the level of continuous care days for hospice. Upon closer examination, we realized that we could actually identify whether or not a given day had met the criteria for continuous care thanks to recent changes in Medicare billing regulations. Based on this insight, we have changed the Hospice Level/Site of Care report for our 2011 data and now report all days that meet the continuous care hurdle of 8 hours. This improvement allowed for more consistency within and among reports.

Is there a metric that you would like to see reported? Please send us an email that describes the data you would like to see. We’ll get back to you and have a dialogue so that we can fully understand your request and what you are trying to accomplish.