About Us

From President and Founder Rich Chesney:

Rich Chesney

Healthcare Market Resources was founded to address a fundamental business need in the healthcare provider industry: the need to make market-related decisions based on reliable market data, rather than perceptions. This is the inspiration behind our entire product line.

When I became involved in the healthcare industry more than 20 years ago, I was struck by the dearth of informational resources about the market. I had previously spent a number of years with Fortune 100 companies in strategic planning and marketing. These companies spent considerable time, money and effort on obtaining and analyzing market data to identify the most profitable market segments for their brands, and they made consistently excellent decisions. Bringing this experience, along with an MBA from MIT, into healthcare, I learned that home care and healthcare provider organizations needed market data to support their strategic planning, benchmarking and sales strategies.

We build our product lines around the key areas of strategic planning, benchmarking, account development, account targeting and compliance.

By providing customized data in standardized, understandable formats, our products are designed to support this type of decision-making. Further, our flexible, free-standing report options means that we do not require you to purchase a subscription to get access to the data you need, although we do offer subscription options.  And, all reports are published with the latest quarterly data releases, so you can leverage the most current data available.

We take great pains to make sure our data carries the quality you’d expect.

In the data business, the breadth, depth, and accuracy of the data are critical. We take several steps to verify the accuracy of our reports. First, we check key data elements against other Medicare data sources for the same time period. Second, we manually calculate the data in a sample report from the appropriate individual claims. And third, we produce a report set for select beta customers who match our information against their own internal reports. These various tests help us ensure that the data you receive is as accurate as possible for your needs.

We know data is only as good as being able to understand it and use it.

We spend time talking with you about the key decisions before you purchase anything, so that you get the market reports that will be most helpful to you. And, we make ourselves available to you once you have the data in hand to help you understand what you are looking at and how it might impact your business.  Further, unlike many CRM vendors, we develop the reports ourselves directly from the raw data (no third party processors!), so we understand exactly what each data element means and can answer any questions.

We know the one-size-fits-all approach just does not work for every organization.

That’s why we offer FlexDATA.  FlexDATA means you get the data your business demands on your terms.  Regardless of your budget or size of organization, FlexDATA can work for you.  With FlexDATA, we make sure that your purchase options are designed to your needs and that our pricing always reflects the value to the user (not the cost of producing it).

We also welcome invitations for speaking engagements, webinars, case studies and feature articles.  Please contact us for further information or view our current presentations.

Thank you.

Rich Chesney