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Using extensive Medicare databases, we track a host of clinical and financial factors, drilling down to state, county, and even institutional levels, to gather the highest quality information in the SNF industry. This information enables our clients to precisely identify and put into action successful tactics and strategies on the county, state, regional and national levels. We package this data into our Market Profile Reports.

You can download all of the reports at once, but we also make it convenient for you to download one or two at a time.

We appreciate your interest in Healthcare Market Resources, and stand ready to answer questions, address concerns and generally help you get the most out of our data.

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Market Profiles

Medicare Skilled Nursing Facilities Discharges Report by Zip Code Description Sample
Market Share Reports

  • SNF Market Share Report by Hospital
  • SNF Market Share I & II Reports
Description Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Demographic Report Description Sample
Primary Diagnosis Report Description Sample
Length-of-Stay Report Description Sample
Discharge Disposition Report Description Sample

Report Descriptions

Market Profiles

A series of reports that work together to provide a comprehensive view of your local market, including patient mix, competitors and market share. The reports are available individually or as a set.

Medicare Skilled Nursing Facilities Discharges Report by Zip Code

SampleShows the total number of annual Medicare discharges, total days, average length of stay and charges for each nursing home, rehab center or sub-acute unit within the chosen area and comprises both freestanding and hospital-based units. It is used to define a competitive framework in a market.

Market Share Reports (SNF Market Share Report by Hospital, SNF Market Share I & II Reports)

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3These three reports show market share amongst the competitors previously identified. Share data is available at the referring institution level or against a set of competitors. With the later, market position is shown over the most recent eight quarters available. This trending can show whether a SNF’s activity is on the upswing, downslide or staying the same. Differences in market share between the key metrics—discharges, census, days and reimbursements can highlight differences in patient mix and patient management.

Demographic Report

SamplePortrays the ethnicity, gender and age mix of the facilities studied and it also can explain operational and financial outcomes.

Primary Diagnosis Report

SamplePresents the number of days which have billed based on the patient’s primary diagnosis, which usually is the reason for their nursing home stay. One can quickly see how competitors may be attracting more desirable referrals because of their clinical programs and expertise.

Length-of-Stay Report

SampleReveals how long patients stay in the facility covered by Medicare. This report segments SNF discharges according to the number of days on service and highlights if a SNF is seeing a disproportionate number or percent of short or long stay patients. Because of Medicare’s favorable reimbursement, it can be highly desirable to have a skew towards longer staying patients.

Discharge Disposition Report

SampleDisplays where patients go upon discharge from the SNF. Of interest can be if a disproportionate number of patients are re-admitted to the hospital or if they are transferred to another skilled nursing facility. The former has taken on importance with hospital re-admissions becoming more scrutinized and the latter may be indicative of patient dissatisfaction.