Post-Acute Providers Directory Reports

If you are a vendor selling to the home health, hospice and skilled nursing market or a trade association / advocacy group looking to get a handle on the providers in the marketplace, our Post-Acute Providers Directory Reports can help.  Literally a who’s who of home health, hospice and SNF providers, the Post-Acute Provider Directories are perfect for sales targeting and preliminary market assessment.

For just $295 per state/ $1095 nationally, these reports contain key organization and contact information for all the providers in that geography.  And, we offer custom reports that can be specially developed for specific and unique information needs.

Post-Acute Providers Directory Reports for Home Health Agencies, Hospices & Skilled Nursing Facilities

The Post-Acute Prospect Reports include all the providers in your selected geography and contain key information about each facility.  The list comes in an Excel format for easy sorting and  can be used for direct mail efforts.

Key Information Included:

  • Organization size in revenues, activity and number of employees by discipline, so you can focus on the highest value potential accounts
  • Key contact names and job titles lets you tailor your sales approach
  • Organizational status, such as whether it is part of a multi-site organization tells you what level of decision-making authority the management has
  • Fiscal year end gets you in on forthcoming year budgeting and end-of-year purchasing
  • Governance characteristics and facilities-based status means you understand the organizational framework
  • Corporate affiliation / parent organization
  • OPTIONAL ENHANCEMENT: additional contact names plus phone and job titles for better targeting

View a sample report here.

Other Customized Reports

We have a wealth of data about the post-acute marketplace and can customize our reports to help you get and understand the data you need.  Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our clients:

Example 1: A manufacturer selling into the hospice market wanted to know which hospices had freestanding inpatient facilities.  We developed a report which showed the number of days by site of care for each hospice nationwide.

Example 2: An advocacy group wanted to know the outlier payments as a percentage(%) of total reimbursement to every Medicare home health agency.  We provided this information to support their lobbying with Congress and got proposed regulations changed.

Just contact us for more information about how we can customize a report solution for you.