Report Benefits

Using extensive Medicare databases, we track a host of clinical and financial factors, drilling down to state, county, and even institutional levels, to gather the highest quality information. Then, we compile this data into understandable and usable reports that inform your business decisions.


Contact us to discuss your business challenges and we'll show you what data is available to help. No subscription required although we do offer subscription and report bundle options.  And, all reports are published with the latest quarterly data releases, so you can leverage the most current data available.

Market and Strategic Planning

When it comes to successful planning, comprehensive data analysis is the foundation of good decision-making. Our reports provide the detailed information you need to conduct in-depth analysis and make confident decisions.

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Local Market Benchmarking

Sometimes, comparing yourself to the competition and to local norms can be particularly enlightening. Use our reports to know where you stand in the marketplace and to set appropriate benchmarks for your organization.

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Sales Targeting

Knowing how to manage your current accounts is equally as important as identifying new ones. Our reports reveal critical information in strengthening your position with the senior management and decision-makers within client organizations.

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Account Development

Are you looking for ways to increase your sales? Our reports identify key areas for growth, highlighting new accounts with the highest potential and accounts that are being underserved in the marketplace.

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A critical component of managing your business is ensuring compliance throughout all areas and measurements. Use our reports to confirm that you are safely within compliance requirements.

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