Local Market Benchmarking

Information for knowledgeable goal-setting

Sometimes comparing yourself to the competition and to local norms can be particularly enlightening. Use our reports to know where you stand in the marketplace and to set appropriate benchmarks for your organization.

Local Market Benchmarking Reports

Setting appropriate goals – ones that are aspirational and yet achievable -- depends upon a thorough and informed understanding of your marketplace. Healthcare Market Resources provides high-quality, customizable data in report formats that you can understand. Drilling down to state, county, and even institutional levels, our exclusive tools organize our comprehensive, in-depth information into the clear picture you need to set and achieve those goals.

Home Health Management

  • Give staff benchmarks that they can relate to
  • Evaluate efficiency of clinical pathways against local competitors
  • Compare efficiency of financial-clinical interface with local competition
  • Assess local competitors more effectively
Which reports are available?

Home Health Market Profile
Report Package:

  • Home Health Executive Summary
  • Home Health Financial Analysis
  • Home Health HHRG Domain Scoring
  • Home Health HHRG Provider Analysis
  • Home Health Key Indicators by Diagnosis
  • Home Health Market Share Report
  • Home Health Primary Diagnoses
  • Home Health Referral Source / Discharge Disposition
  • Home Health Visit Activity and Profit Detractors
  • Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment Report

Hospice Management

  • Analyze operating, market and financial performance in a local service area
  • Assess local competitors more effectively
  • Give staff benchmarks which they consider relevant
Which reports are available?

Hospice Market Profile
Report Package:

  • Hospice Deaths by Primary Diagnosis
  • Hospice Discharge Disposition
  • Hospice Executive Summary
  • Hospice Length of Stay
  • Hospice Level / Site of Care
  • Hospice Market Profile Graphs
  • Hospice Market Share I Report
  • Hospice Market Share II Report
  • Hospice Visit Activity Report
  • Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment Report

Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Know where you stand in the marketplace by analyzing operating, market and financial performance of your competitors
  • Motivate staff to improve performance by giving them the most credible metrics from their local market
Which reports are available?

Skilled Nursing Facilities Market Profile Report Package:

  • Medicare/Medicaid Enrollment Report
  • SNF Demographic Summary Report
  • SNF Market Share I Report - Discharges
  • SNF Market Share I Report - Revenue
  • SNF Market Share II Report
  • SNF Primary Diagnosis Report

Our customized, affordable reports serve many healthcare markets across several operational areas and provide critical financial, marketing, and operational information. The best way to see what our reports can do for you is to request the FREE sample reports. You will see exactly what kind of information is included and how it is presented.