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Skilled Nursing Facility Market Profiles Reports

Our geography-based Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Market Profiles work together to provide a comprehensive view of your local market, including patient mix, competitors and market share. The reports are available individually or as a set.

Medicare Skilled Nursing Facilities Discharges Report Description
Market Share Reports Description
Demographic Summary Report Description
Primary Diagnosis Report Description
Length-of-Stay Report Description
Discharge Disposition Report Description

Medicare Skilled Nursing Facilities Discharges Report

Shows the total number of annual Medicare discharges, total days, average length of stay and charges for each nursing home, rehab center or sub-acute unit within the chosen area and comprises both freestanding and hospital-based units. It is used to define a competitive framework in a market.

Market Share Reports

These three reports show market share amongst the competitors previously identified. Share data is available at the referring institution level and/or against a set of competitors for total revenue and total discharges. Market position is shown over the most recent eight quarters available. This trending can show whether a SNF’s activity is on the upswing, downslide or staying the same. Differences in market share between the key metrics—discharges, census, days and reimbursements can highlight differences in patient mix and patient management.

Demographic Summary Report

Portrays the ethnicity, gender and age mix of the facilities studied and it also can explain operational and financial outcomes.

Primary Diagnosis Report

Presents the number of days which have billed based on the patient’s primary diagnosis, which usually is the reason for their nursing home stay. One can quickly see how competitors may be attracting more desirable referrals because of their clinical programs and expertise.

Length-of-Stay Report

Reveals how long patients stay in the facility covered by Medicare. This report segments SNF discharges according to the number of days on service and highlights if a SNF is seeing a disproportionate number or percent of short or long stay patients. Because of Medicare’s favorable reimbursement, it can be highly desirable to have a skew towards longer staying patients.

Discharge Disposition Report

Displays where patients go upon discharge from the SNF. Of interest can be if a disproportionate number of patients are re-admitted to the hospital or if they are transferred to another skilled nursing facility. The former has taken on importance with hospital re-admissions becoming more scrutinized and the latter may be indicative of patient dissatisfaction.

Skilled Nursing Facility Market Development Reports

Several different reports for account targeting and for developing account-specific strategies. Order them individually or together to develop a powerful sales strategy and prepare for sales calls to specific key accounts.

Medicare Hospital Discharges by DRG Description
Medicare Hospital Discharges by Competitor Description
Medicare Hospital Discharges Report Description
Medicare Managed Care Penetration Description
Hospital Readmission Rate Analysis Description
Physician Ranking Report Description
Medicare Hospital Market Share by SNF Report Description
Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Discharges by Hospital Report Description

Medicare Hospital Discharges by DRG

Details the hospital discharges by top 30 DRGs and Major Diagnostic Categories by discharge disposition (i.e., site of post-acute care, i.e., SNFs, home health agencies and hospices) in the area. The report highlights how many referrals to a SNF a specific hospital made on an annual basis, and that information is broken down by major DRG. Also contains the cases which were referred to an alternate setting (i.e., home health, community/self-care, intermediate care facility) at the DRG level, so the discharge philosophy of the institution can be understood. This report also shows whether or not having longer lengths-of-stay (LOS) discharges is needed, particularly for patients going to skilled nursing facilities. Because the discharge planning process is often organized by clinical area, the report can also enumerate how many discharges a particular discharge planner is responsible for annually.

Medicare Hospital Discharges by Competitor

Reveals the number of Medicare patients annually referred for nursing home services upon discharge from a specific hospital, the skilled facility to which they were admitted, and the characteristics of these patients. Report users can have an accurate picture of their market share for any hospital or market they serve.

Medicare Hospital Discharges Report

Details the number of discharges and related financial information each hospital has for Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiaries living in particular zip code-defined or multi-county region and includes various types of types of hospitals—acute care, long term acute care, short term acute care, rehabilitation and psychiatric. Using this report, it becomes apparent which hospitals are most important from a marketing perspective.

Medicare Managed Care Penetration

On a statewide basis, describes for each county the level of Medicare managed care enrollment. Report users can then estimate total market demand and the appropriate level of referrals by payer type.

Hospital Readmission Rate Analysis

Indicates the readmission rates for the current three measured DRGs for a specific hospital. includes total number of discharges by specific DRGs, readmission rates, and ranking by region, and comparison with state and nationwide benchmarks, including identifying the national percentile for that hospital.

Physician Ranking Report

Reveals MD behavior at the hospital level in terms of discharge site of care preference and provider preference by site of care. Also shows if physicians admits to various institutions and in what priority and identifies individual doctors their practice size, and relative penetration of select disease groups.  A sample of this report is not available online.  Please contact us directly for more information.

Medicare Hospital Market Share by SNF Report

Compares the market share for a hospital to the service area percentage from a given hospital in order to see how much of its potential it is realizing. If a SNF has 65%+ of its potential, its likelihood of materially further increasing penetration is small, unless something dramatic happen (i.e., a very short preferred provider list is implemented).

Medicare Skilled Nursing Discharges by Hospital Report

SampleThis report helps users identify specific skilled nursing facilities that are strong prospects, based on the number and type of their discharges. It details, by specific facility, the number of Medicare Part A patients who were discharged on an annual basis.

Skilled Nursing Vendor Reports

Whether you are a vendor selling to the home health, hospice and skilled nursing market or a trade association / advocacy group looking to get a handle on the providers in the marketplace, the Post-Acute Prospect Report can help.  We offer a standard Listing Report, an Enhanced Listing Report and Customized Reports which can be specially developed to target your specific information needs.  More information.